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  • *[Fast Colored with Easy Using]: Putting some hair coloring pomade on the hand and wipe it, then smear it by the finger. The color will evenly distributed on the hair. The way of coloring is easy to use and wash, and colored without any messy or clumpy.
  • *[Shine and Matte as you want]: It gives both a matte or shiny finish based on how much you use, making this a high hold pomade and a high shine pomade as well. The shiny color will make your hairstyle getting much more dazzling.
  • *[Natural Ingredients with gentle coloring]:The Ingredients contain plant extracts, no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly and no harm to your health. And also the ingredients included is gentle coloring your hair, so it won’t hurt your hair and skin.
  • *[Easy to Clean by Water]:Once you want to clean the color, just wash it by the water with the normal shampoo. The water soluble in the hair pomade will help the color dissolve quickly. Also due temporary drying nature, the color will not residue on the hair.
  • *[Suit for different occasions]: Whatever you want to join the party, cos play, show, prom,concert, dating, even daily using, a good hairstyle could help you be the shiny star on the center. Also change the different hairstyle to match your daily modeling, that must let you own a happiness day.
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Aotto hair Coloring Pomade which could make you be the shiny star in party& Cosplay &Halloween!
100% Natural Ingredient without Any Pain.
All the ingredients which in the XX hair coloring pomade is natural, your hair will not be hurt or dry after using.It contains a variety of Antioxidants so that your hair are not easy to fall of.
Easy and Natural Colored
The effect of coloring is nice, and the hair could be colored quickly, also the color is based on your real hair, not like the clip in hair, then the color will be much more natural.
We offer 5 color to choose, if you are familiar with hair color DIY, you could mix the different hair coloring pomade for the special color. Also through the quantity how much you use, you could make the different shine&matte effect.

How to Use?
1.Wash your hair , then dry it, make sure there is not any mess , moist in your hair.
2.Use the your finger to pick some pomade, then put on your hair.
3.Use the comb brush your hair, and spread the pomade uniform, and add the hair layer by layer.
4.After your want to clean the hair, just use the water and the normal shampoo, the pomade will be deserved quickly.

The Advantage of Aotto Hair Coloring Pomade
1.The clip in hair will based on your real hair, and most of them are made from Chemical fiber, do not look natural. But hair coloring pomade just be used on your real hair, the color is much more natural.
2.Temporary coloring, which could help you change the hairstyle anytime, when you join the party&cosplay&any festival, you could choose the favorite hair color which you want.
3.Do not get any hurt to your hair, the vitamin and mineral oil will moisture your hair, which could not make you hair have the split, dry or break problem.

3 reviews for SWLKG Hair Coloring Pomade

  1. Karla

    I love the stuff! It’s easy to apply and doesn’t stain anything like your hands, the counter, etc. You can feel it on your hair after it dries, but just barely. The color can range from subtle to bold depending on how much you apply. Really fun!

  2. Stacy

    Happy with this hair wax. It’s perfect and doesn’t rub off once dry. So fun! Washes right out perfectly.

  3. Chelsea

    i thought it was so cool to spike my hair and it was BLUE! I was so excited as it is my favorite color.

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