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  • 【Strong Holding】 The Organic Carnauba which included in SWLKG hair wax could be used to make the hair flex but also easy to shape. Not like most of the other hair wax, SWLKG hair wax could get much more strong holding due to the blend of ingredients, only you wash your hair, or the hairstyle could keep for a long day.
  • 【Shine-Free Matte Finish】To create a shine-free finish hairstyle must be needed. Using XX hair wax could be a good choice whatever you adjust the level of shine and the shine-free. It gives both a matte or shiny finish based on how much you use, making this a high hold pomade and a high shine pomade as well. And the it will be go on without leaving any residue or sheen.
  • 【Adds Thickness & Texture】Easy to make the hair salon and add the thickness with texture. Using one comb with the hair wax, then pull the hair out, and add the layer one by one. The flexible hair will help to make the different hair shape easily. Also, when the hair stick together, The thickness and texture will be added.
  • 【Without Scalp or Mess】Easy clean with the normal shampoo. And it bases on its excellent added ingredients,which no harm to the hair and scalp. Also the glycerin will help to moisture hair and care the human scalp, then in the process of hair wax using, the dandruff, mess will not happened.
  • 【High-Great Fragrance】The SWLKG hair wax has added the perfume which likes sandalwood smell. And this fragrance smells light and comfortable. Also this smell could show the man wideness style from inside to outside. Also this hair wax could make your modeling looks advanced.
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Men! There is a great hair wax which could help you create the shiny hairstyle!
The fluffy or messy hair will makes a man look no spirit, but a lot of boys do not like to spend time on your hair. Then the SWLKG hair wax is the best choice for you, to create the different hairstyle in different occasions.
The strong holding from the XX hair wax could let your keep the hairstyle the whole day, you do not need to shape it once again, even if you want to wash it on the halfway. Also the small package is portable in your pocket!

Easy to Use! Even You are a Fresh in Hair DIY!
1.Wash your hair , then dry it, make sure there is not any mess , moist in your hair.
2.Use the your finger to pick some pomade, then put on your hair.
3.Use the comb brush your hair, and spread the pomade uniform, and add the hair layer by layer.
4.After your want to clean the hair, just use the water and the normal shampoo, the pomade will be deserved quickly.

Note: for sensitive skin, please test on hands or ears before using. If there is any allergic symptoms, please stop using and ask for doctor’s advice immediately.

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  1. Barr

    Literally the best hair product I’ve ever used at a fraction of the price. I have medium length hair—but it would also be perfect for short styles. Mild, pleasant non-irritating smell. A little goes a long way. A container will last months and months.

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